There are many software projects that are heavily driven by User Interface. Testing these UI manually becomes a hectic job. An automated way to tests the functionality of these UI is desirable. Manual checks of the look and feel of the UI is not substituted by these tests but could aid by capturing screenshots for the tester to look at. It does speeds up the functional testing by reducing manual time and effort significantly to run and maintain the tests.

Selenium is an excellent testing framework for building automated UI tests. With Selenium and its Firefox plugin (Selenium IDE), one can record and play the tests. With additional Firefox plugin (Test Suite Batch Converter), one can convert these tests into NUnit Test cases. With inclusion of the WebDriver API, Selenium provides simpler programming interface to write these automation tests. One can write these tests in any unit test framework.

Following is the example of automation tests written with Selenium and MSTest to test the login screens of Google Gmail in different browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Happy Testing !!!


Automated UI tests with Selenium and MSTest
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